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vf W series. Worm gearmotors. Type. Torque [Nm]. VF VF VF 44 . The new bevel helical series from Bonfiglioli optimises superior performance with. Download documents. Configure on Mosaico VF VF W W W W VF VF VF Refer to the User's Manual available at for indications about checking . Die cast aluminium gear cases for VF27, VF30, VF44 and VF

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Bonfiglioli Vf44 Pdf Download

Visit to search for catalogues with up- to-date revisions. .. must be adjusted as per instructions given in this manual. c) Thrust loads Die cast aluminium gear cases for VF27, VF30, VF44 and VF Sturdy cast iron for. All the instructions in the User Manual ( regarding . LOAD LOCATION FACTOR. VF 1. VF 1. VF Bonfiglioli VF 44 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bonfiglioli VF 44 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual.

This symbol indicates situations of danger which, if ignored, may result in risks to personal health and safety. The symbol shows the page the information can be sorted from. This symbol refers to the angle the overhung load applies viewing from drive end. Figure for gearmotors incorporates the weight of the 4-pole motor and for life lubricated units, where applicable, the weight of the oil. Rating is speed sensitive. Required torque Mr2 [Nm]The torque demand based on application requirement. It is recommended to be equal to or less than torque Mn2 the gearbox under study is rated for. Calculated torque Mc2 [Nm]Computational torque value to be used when selecting the gearbox. Although this is generally not a signifi cant factor for helical gears, it may be instead critical when selecting worm gearmotors operating under intermittent duty e. It may be worth highlighting that values of rated torque Mn2 given in the catalogue take the dynamic effi ciency into consideration. Values of d are calculated for gearboxes after a suffi ciently long run-ning-in period. After the running-in period the surface temperature in operation reduces and fi nally stabilises. If however, surface temperatures are to be expected near the upper limit, it is recommended that oil seals in Fluoro ela-stomer compound are specifi ed at the time of order through option PV. It takes into consideration, with unavoidable approximation, daily operating conditions, load variations and overloads connected with reducer application. In the graph below, after selecting proper daily working hours column, the servi-ce factor is given by intersecting the number of starts per hour and one of the K1, K2 or K3 curves.

Thrust load Check that the thrust component of the load does not exceed the maximum admissible value as given in the paragraph: Thrust loads.

VF/W Series

The gear unit must be installed in the mounting position specified in the order and given on the nameplate. Should the gearbox be connected to an inverter driven motor the latter must be explicitly suitable for the purpose and used in full compliance with the instructions set forth by the manufacturer.

Under no circumstances the setting of the inverter shall allow the motor to exceed the maximum speed permitted min -1 or overload the gearbox itself. All the instructions in the User Manual www.

300M Series

It takes into consideration, with unavoidable approximation, daily operating conditions, load variations and overloads connected with reducer application. Regardless of the value given for the service factor, we would like to remind that in some applications, which for example involve lifting of parts, failure of the reducer may expose the operators to the risk of injuries.

If in doubt, please contact our Technical Service Department. Acceleration factor of masses - [K] This parameter serves for selecting the right curve for the type of load. Factory-charged with lubricant, depending on the mounting position specified in the order.

Side surfaces machined and tapped provide for extra mounting flexibility. No plastic component parts.

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Nameplate indication of the product category and type of protection. The temperature class is T3 max. The temperature class is T4 max. For transportation purposes these units are equipped with closed filler plugs.

A vented plug, which the User must replace before putting the unit into service, is supplied along with each unit.

Resulting shaft loading must be compatible with both the bearing and the shaft capacity. Namely shaft loading Rc1 for input shaft, Rc2 for output shaft , must be equal or lower than admissible overhung load capacity for shaft under study Rn1 for input shaft, Rn2 for output shaft.

OHL capability listed in the rating chart section. In the formulas given below, index 1 applies to parameters relating to input shaft, whereas index 2 refers to output shaft. Where thrust loads exceed permissible value or largely prevail over radial loads, contact Bonfiglioli Riduttori for an in-depth analysis of the application.

When selecting a gearbox with IEC motor adapter, refer to procedure specified at chapter 1. Combinations marked in greyboxes can onlybe achieved through IM B5 flanged motors. Thetableshowsthediametersinmillimetresfor each selection. This symbol refers to gearbox values. P IEC 40 Table below shows recommended dimensions for the Customer to consider when designing mating shaft. A device retaining the shaft axially is also recommended not shown.

The number and size of relative tapped holes at shaft end depend on application requirements. Additional Translations.

- Bonfiglioli

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