Download free eBooks at Click on the ad to read more. How to Write a Research Paper How to Write a How to Write a Research Paper. Note: The study material given below are not my own creation but collected from For copying/printing these files, just click on the link or pdf/word/ppt image. One of the three books required for JAIIB exams held under IIBF, principles and practices of banking, only chapter is prominent in this pdf. PRINCIPLES PRACTICES OF BANKING nd Edition u) INSTITUTE OF BANKING & FINANCE MACMILLAN ij © INDIAN INSTITUTE OF BANKING & FINANCE.

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    JAIIB COMPLETE MATERIAL has members. CAIIB AND Compilation of All links to JAIIB study Material: PPB-Short Notes by · Teat Yourself based on latest IIBF syllabus for JAIIB examination. I wish you all the best for the written test & hope the study material will help. career forum. Ask the education and career counselors, CCC Material. JAIIB Principles & Practices of Banking - BANKING TECHNOLOGY PDF. Posted on.

    The topics are covered module wise and you can also prepare for the examination using free test papers. The test papers are updated on weekly basis. Added most awaited bookmark question facility in the app. You can bookmark up to 30 Questions at a time. With this you can attempt the questions and also check the result at the same time. In the result page for the mock tests or practice exams in the app there added buttons presenting numbers of the questions from where you can scroll to the questions for a better learning. And also in the result activity you can see your score and percentage. Some minor fixes and UI changes like removal of overlapping the content by ad etc have been fixed.

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    Malayarasan Module B , V. C, Rao, Asst.

    Glossary prepared by Mr. The author s of the book hashave taken all reasonable care to ensure thatthe contents ofthe hook donot vielate any existing copyright or other intellectaal property right of any person in any anner whasoever.

    Retail Banking: Approach, Products, Marketing, etc. Manoj Kumar.

    JAIIB - CAIIB - Study Materials

    Avinash Shahi. Ankita Joshi.

    Karthick Csk. Pervez Khan.

    Amit K Puri. Premdeep Singh. Akankshi Goel.

    Adi Swarup Patnaik. Anonymous 5WhnR4n.

    Alexander Weaver. Praveen Kumar. Shobhit Undefined Fundamentally. Amlan Dutta. FPO refers to issue of fresh securities by an already listed company or an offer for sale to the public through an offer document. Rights Issue is when a listed company issues fresh securities to its existing shareholders as on a t.

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    A private placement is an issue of shares or of convertible security by a company to a select group of persons under section 81 of the Companies Act Any company making a public issue or a listed company making a RI of a value of more than Rs 50 lacs is required to file a draft offer document with SEBI for its observations.

    This observation period is kt Offer document means prospectus in case of public issue. Offer document means an offer for sale and letter of offer in case of a RI.

    Offer documents are filed with Registrar of Companies and Stock Exchanges. A draft offer document means the offer document in a draft stage. The draft offer documents are filed with SEBI.