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Start by marking “Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days” as Want to Read: The bodyguards were not being paid by Michael Jackson when they were working for him. Michael Jackson's life was filled with betrayal by countless individuals that now include. Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days [Bill Whitfield, Remember the Time and millions of other books are available for instant. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Illuminating and thoughtful, especially for those who can't help but hear Jackson's hit song when they read the book'stitle." --Kirkus.

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Remember The Time Book

The individuals that you will see named in this book—Mr. Jackson's famous When we signed the contract for Remember the Time, we. Remembering The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days As Whitfield puts it in the last line of the book: "Where were all these. This book wouldn't be necessary if Mr. Jackson was still alive. From December of until his death in June of , we were employed as the personal.

It was apparent to the world when Michael Jackson died five years ago that his life had spun out of control and that he was surrounded by fixers, chancers and no-goods whose own interests took precedence over his. It would appear — by their own account at least — that Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard weren't two of those people. Packing enough military hardware to wage a small guerilla war, the two security guards, hired in to watch over him in a rented house in Las Vegas, progressed from hired muscle to de facto personal assistants, trusted by Jackson and loved by his children. Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days is a two-man oral history of the singer's troubled last few years, a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead view of the last act of his strange life, and it tells a shocking story. They watched bewildered and powerless to help as the ruthless, sharp-elbowed inner-circle jockeying exacerbated the singer's destructively chaotic business life and left him bereft of confidantes, at the centre of a lonely, reclusive world. When Jackson did venture out beyond the perimeter fence — to shop after hours, or watch a film with his children in an otherwise empty cinema, each trip meticulously planned to minimise human contact — he must have had a weirdly skewed vision of everyday life.

There should be a cease-and-desist order against this unauthorized, maverick book! Where is it? Both of these bodyguards are violating their confidentiality contracts with Michael Jackson by releasing this "tell-all" book. If the argument is made that because MJ is now dead he has forfeited this protection, the spirit of confidentiality requirements and paid-for, promised loyalty maintain.

A Where are the legal representatives of MJ and of his three beautiful, vulnerable, and exploited children? Whitfield and Beard were their bodyguards too. They are betraying their tragically deceased employer Michael Jackson and his three minor children for their own financial gain with the release of this book. The children's guardians have not approved any of these bodyguards' voluminous disclosures about the three grieving children.

"Remember The Time"-Review | Allforloveblog

Whitfield published on social media that he would obtain the approval of Katherine Jackson before the publication of this book, but of course that never happened. There are so many reasons why Katherine would not approve this book that space limitations here could not accommodate the listing of them. Nothing has been not fabricated out of thin air. There were no crazy embellishments to present things as more exciting than they were.

The truth as Whitfield and Beard heard it, saw it, experienced it and recalled it. I am glad you are positive about it as I value what you have to say regarding MJ I look forward to reading it. If you do get a reply from the children, please let us know. I heard they lied in the book and said Michael recorded Cascio songs. I have a theory about those cascio tracks…. As long as people keep downloading the Michael Album they have money in the bank.

It is a terrific read. Also I will tell you they confirm MJ slept and worked in the basement for hours a day. Uh oh, that does not jive well for the Cascio conspiracy theory bullshit.

Give me a break all you drama queens. There could be many reasons for the way they sound but I really feel like the truth about all of it lies with Eddie Cascio and James Porte.

Idk maybe they intended to pull a fast one on the Estate, and maybe the Estate was fooled…. It sounds like someone trying to sound like Michael Jackson. I wonder if the Estate knew for sure..

Maybe after Michael died the brothers attempted to recreate those vocals with a sound alike so that they could make a buck off the estate…. You are likely correct, nobody truly knows except Eddie and James.

But to me all indications point to a very sincere and credible family, and that the songs were just of average sonic production. They were incomplete in various stages, and hence were pieced sub standard. Also for sale were various Bush Tompkins apparel. He said reteatedly he would not sell it. I really think this is the reason for any continued involvement with Sony.

When MJ died, imagine the Estate Executors, probably John Branca mostly, taking his place in a game that was allready in play, where their side was allready at risk of losing at any time. Us fans may have issues with who is running the Estate, but if the Executors were pushed out somehow, who would get controll of the Estate?

The IRS? I mean yeah if Sony gets it Sony wins. If the IRS gets it is that a stalemate? Not to say the Brothers arent more talented than the average person, BUT….

I could see it clear as day in my mind. I highly recommending this book. A very interesting read.

Independent culture newsletter

One thing that has always fascinated me is some of the less than stellar hotels, even motels, MJ stayed. He meets Friend at the Dulles Hampton Inn. I get this one. Interestedly there is a a Elizabeth Taylor connection: The J. Stuart Room once served as the stage for a rare press conference by President Kennedy and as a meeting room for hopeful Democrats hosted by Ambassador Pamela Harriman, a local foxhunting resident.

Elizabeth Taylor often graced the Tap Room both during the courtship and after her marriage to a local gentleman, Senator John Warner.

Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days

The lovely and kind Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis frequently stayed at the Inn during foxhunting holidays each fall. You may have heard about his suite he had on the 16th floor of the Royal Plaza in the 80s which is a building still there in the Downtown Disney back then the Disney Village Disneyworld district. In the day the Royal Plaza was one of the best local Disney hotels, and frequented by Disney employees.

MJ stayed there because there was no availability where the family wanted to stay, I believe the Contemporary. This suite even housed his actual Grammys in a lit up trophy case. Makes little sense.

He even had to use a public hot tub late locked off for him at night. I have a lot more info I researched about MJ and Orlando stints and recording. I believe that photo is in the Vogel book. Interestedly his mom, Katherine, had a tudor style suite, but for what ever reasons that arrangements with the Royal Plaza ended.

That place was never on par with MJs stardom. Interestedly his mom, Katherine, had a tudor style suite, but for what ever reasons that arrangement ended. Anyway, Epcot stopped showing Captain EO shortly after the first accusations of child abuse were made against Jackson in The Swan and Dolphin hotels are located on Disney property but are managed by separate corporations: However the Swan Dolphin also had some of the biggest suites available. They have a view of the Epcot sphere and the boardwalk lake.

La Perruque, who worked for the star between and , reveals MJ passed out and the Prince and Paris called at a place at a Walt Disney World hotel in Orlando, Florida during a Jackson family outing to the resort in the early s. Jackson also rented some private homes near Disneyworld. One was in Isleworth.

I remember this suite as a kid on visits to Disney and I can tell you much more details about it. Interestedly his mom, Katherine, also had a tudor style suite, but for what ever reasons that arrangements with the Royal Plaza ended. The Swan and Dolphin hotels are located on Disney property but were managed by separate corporations: Some are multiple stories and have a view of the Epcot sphere and the boardwalk lake.

If there were a policy change it would have been before the second trial. Heath Claiborne said- The J.

I wonder if the Kennedy connection had anything to do with him staying there, I remember reading somewhere that he had some Nude photos of Jacqueline…. From Wikipedia- http: If Michael owned a photo this would probably be the one. It went missing years ago. We know that Jackie paid Michael Jackson a third of a million dollars and that once he got the money he quit taking her calls and refused to fulfill his part of the contract.

The book came out in , topped the New York Times Best Sellers list, and quickly sold out of its initial print run of almost , copies, he recalled. The obvious next step was to print more copies, and then prepare a paperback version.

But Jackson, who had total control of the project, vetoed both plans — annoying Onassis. Onassis, who fiercely guarded her privacy and did not want her name in any book she edited, reluctantly made an exception and turned in a three-paragraph blurb.

MJ was not shy of playing political players for promotion. He pulled this same kind of stunt with Nancy Reagan for her Drug Free campaign by negotiating to show up if the President would honor him in a ceremony. I read a lot of interesting posts here. Probably you spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save you a lot of work, there is an online tool that creates unique, google friendly articles in seconds, just type in google — laranitas free content source.

One thing I find deeply disheartening is that there was no-one. Everybody at his memorial… Where were all those people who claimed to be his close friends?

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Bill makes an ineresting point. Unfortunately, no one in the world seems to understand MJ. For example, the book mentions that MJ does not know the meaning of an authorized credit card. I remember the first time I got my credit card, I thought I was ready to use it, but it was rejected by the shop attendant.

He asked me: Did you authorize the credit card? I said: So he taught me how to use a credit card. MJ just did not understand.

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